Monday, September 26, 2022


Carrero and Bruzual stood out

The riders stood out during the weekend in the oval of Coche

Gran Vanessa responded in the Classic Gelinotte

Coach Reynaldo Yánez achieved two selective during the day yesterday in Caracas

Linda Claudia was "an airplane" in the end

The Cuatroañera advanced with strength from the final 600 meters

Results of the races on Sunday the 24th at La Rinconada (+ Tweet)

🏇🏇🏇 Good dividend for tables with six hits 🏇🏇🏇

Results of the races on Saturday, November 23 (+ tweet)

Those who hit six solved part of the stew for the Hallacas.

Robert Capriles won three

The rider returned with good balance to the Car oval

Mrs. Ornella reached the Triple Crown in Hinava

Jusesky Cisneros' pupil became the seventh mare to accomplish the feat

No pictures with six in Valencia

Friday afternoon at the Valencia racecourse was full of surprises, so there was not a single table with six hits in...

Gran Vanessa ready for the Classic Gelinotte

The guided by Robert Capriles will have Dazzling as the maximum enemy

5 selective programs in the La Rinconada arena

There will be 3 classics on Sunday and 2 drinks in the Saturday session at the capital's circus

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