monday, may 23, 2022


Five Venezuelans in a selective afternoon of the Preakness

It will be a Breeders' Cup day with a total of nine selective tests

Robert Capriles is key on Sunday

The biggest winning jockey of races this year, has seven mounts this Sunday

Sodashi qualified for the Breeders' Cup

The white-coated mare won the Tokyo Oval Victoria Stakes

There are ten races in La Rinconada

The game of 5 and 6 will be the main attraction of the weekend in the Caracas circuit

Sano and Alvarado will seek the Preakness Stakes

They will try to maintain the Creole streak in the American triple races

Jaramillo won 8 races at Gulfstream from 12-15

He is second in the statistics for races won at that track

Yonathan León stood out in the Valencia program

The rider already has 6 wins in Carabobeño horse racing in 2022

Simplification will start 1st in the 147th Preakness Stakes

The one trained by Antonio Sano is 6 to 1 in the morning line

Robert Capriles a million on Sunday

He was the outstanding equestrian professional last weekend

The last