Monday, March 20, 2023


The Sensational played with a lot at Eduardo Larrazábal

King Seraf's daughter won with authority in the event in honor of the famous veterinarian

Philomena "killed" in a row to win the National Equestrian

He surpassed Cañonera Girl in a pressing final on the arrival disc at 128”3

Vida "turned off" the light in 71"2 to the group in Socopo

The four-year-old claimed victory in the Socopó Clásico

Results of La Rinconada

These were the results of Sunday at the La Rinconada racetrack

Castilian goes for the Woolf

The event will be held in the paddock of the Santa Anita Park Hippodrome, California

Irad Ortiz Jr "is galloping" the Gulfstream meeting

Its quality is beyond the sight of any expert in the world of racing cigars.

Gala program with 4 classics

The Jockey Club, Hípica Nacional, Eduardo Larrazábal and Socopo en Coche are disputed

Gabriel Márquez scares with 7 steeds in Car

Templar and Growing Nel seem like the best cards for the spindly trainner

$160.000 dollars for unique paintings to be distributed

The money is being offered by the authorities of the equestrian house

There are 4 retired in Valencia and one in La Rinconada

A total of five copies will not be from the game this week due to problems

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