Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Leonel Reyes Ramos achieved five victories

The champion of the last meeting in Gulfstream maintains a good percentage of wins

Wilfred Vásquez won classic

The Venezuelan shined during the selective afternoon at the Parx Racing oval, Philadelphia

Investor Federico Segovia died

Founder of the Varsego farm and owner of outstanding racing cigars in the country

Capriles and García doubled wins

Aranguren, Mejías, Rodríguez, Parilli, Hurtado and Fernández, won the classics

Mo Cuishle crashed hard in Lanzarina

In the 200 finals he had a guaranteed victory over Sabalenka who lost a lot in the finals

Rod Hendrick was the best at the José María Vargas

The sorrel from the Los Caracaros farm was ready to run the Simón Bolívar Classic

Master Shot excelled when ridden by Robert Capriles

Ramón García's pupil defeated José Enrique by half a length

The Queen Nani surprised at the Gustavo J. Sanabria

The favorites Paomi Police and Philomena occupied the last two places

Results of La Rinconada

Know the results of this Sunday in the capital oval

Sister of the amazing Tequila debuts

The mare has demonstrated her great quality on the track

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