Sunday, May 22, 2022


Miggy equaled Cal Ripken Jr. in doubles.

La Pedrera pride also tied Lou Whitaker within the Detroit organization

Miggy stands up for the downtrodden Tigers in 2022

Detroit's poor showing forces him to push for his individual achievements

Miggy continues to break records

The pride of La Pedrera left Rafael Palmeiro behind and already has Lou Brock in its sights

Cabrera ranked No. 27 with the most home runs

"El Tigre Mayor" reached 505 home runs and surpassed the emblematic Eddie Murray

Cabrera hit home run 504 and tied Eddie Murray

He dispatched his double 602 and remains alone with the 17th position of the all-time ranking

Cabrera ties Barry Bonds in doubles

El Tigre Mayor is in position 17 of the all-time ranking

Miggy Cabrera has an eye on Rafael Palmeiro

After surpassing Wade Boggs with 3.012 hits, now he goes for the Cuban

Miguel Cabrera leaves Wade Boggs behind

The pride of La Pedrera is seven singles away from equaling Palmeiro's record

Miguel Cabrera reached Wade Boggs record

Once he beats "Eat Chicken", Miggy will have Palmeiro's 3.020 hits as his next challenge

Miguel Cabrera continues his legend

The Venezuelan hit his double 600 on Saturday to enter another gold list in MLB

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