Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Major League Baseball

"Vladdy" left the Yankees on the field

The Dominican rocked a speedy line drive to drive in the winning run in extra innings.

Dodgers clinched best NL record

The Californians also secured home field advantage in the postseason

Guardians dominated with youth and experience

The Squires clinched their first division title since 2018

Braves received tribute at the White House

President Joe Biden said the 2021 team "is defined by the courage of Hank Aaron"

Alonso, Pujols and Kwan were chosen Players of the Week

The players recorded an extraordinary and historic performance

Arenado has shown great offensive consistency

The third baseman of the Cardinals accumulates seven harvests of 30 HRs and 100 chartered

Pittsburgh Pirates claim Miguel Andújar

The Dominican was on assignment since last September 23

Giménez's Cleveland advanced to the playoffs

The team earned its first divisional pennant since winning in 2018

Judge in tough fight for the Triple Crown

The slugger has a close batting fight and dominates home runs and RBIs

Don Mattingly will no longer lead the Marlins

Both the management and the manager agreed that the team needs a radical change

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