Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Heroes of Falcón has a new import

The 28-year-old center will make a key with Kevin Niño and Luis Almanza on offense

District Spartans announced their new addition

The player has been part of the Spartans school since he was 14 years old

Superliga gave final details to the format

The board announced how the knockout stage will be played

Heroes of Falcón announce two new signings

Falcón presented two additions for the Superliga

Superliga defined the format for the new season

A total of 21 teams will be part of this new chapter in Venezuelan basketball

Official integration of the Super League with the LPB

The new Professional Basketball Super League will start on July XNUMX

Manuel Povea will take the reins of Giants

The colossi will reappear in the Professional Super League with the sole purpose of being champion

Toros wants to make history on his return to the boards

Alfredo Madrid will be in charge of leading the team in the Professional Super League

Two pieces of Spartans will join Toros de Aragua

Alfredo Alianza was transferred to the Aragonese squad. Jordan goes on loan

Professional Basketball Super League would start in July

The president of the FVB made an announcement on Twitter about various national basketball issues

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