sunday, july 3, 2022

National selection

Basketball venezuelan to close window in the first place

Selection of majors will collide this Sunday against Paraguay in the pre-world

Venezuela could not with Argentina in the "Caldera del Diablo"

A 17-0 run marked the albiceleste comeback in the last quarter

Duró: “We have to consolidate our way to the World Cup”

Venezuela is líder from Group A with an unbeaten record of 4-0

Venezuela to impose its law against Argentina today

Red wine from basketball receives the albiceleste in the third window heading to the 2023 World Cup

Venezuela vs. Argentina | This is how history goes

Parity on the court is evident since 2014

They will be Venezuela in the Caldera del Diablo

The big news is the youngster Fabrizio Pugliatti, who is expected to make his debut against Paraguay

Basketball team trains a million in Puerto La Cruz

The coach has the 15 summoned ready for games against Argentina and Paraguay

FVB presents the teams that will go to Valledupar 2022

Venezuela will participate in 5x5 and 3x3 basketball, both male and female

A renewed "Cauldron of the Devil" returns to the scene

After an arduous restoration work, the Luis Ramos Gymnasium will once again vibrate with basketball

Countdown to return to the Caldera del Diablo

The national basketball team will face Argentina in a few days

The last