wednesday, march 29, 2023


José Kazanji: "Our goal is to go to the World Cup"

The team will face the teams of Argentina, Colombia and Peru in the eNations League

LGA Play will have five eSports leagues in 2023

eSports tournaments will be divided into League of Legends, Counter Strike and Valorant

Iran won the eSports World Cup

Uruguay defeated Turkey in the definition for the bronze medal

VRP eSport qualifies for the FIFAe Club Series

Being the first Venezuelan team to qualify for the FIFAe Club, it promises to leave Venezuela on top, rising from the Third Division.

Venezuela will participate in FIFA Club Series 2023

For the first time Venezuela will have a participation in this event

First Olympic eSports week is held in 2023

The best of esports (hybrid and simulated physical sports) will be showcased at the four-day festival

KRÜ debuted with defeat in VALORANT Game Changers

The team was beaten in two games by Cloud9 White and is in the lower Bracket area

Axex eSports is the champion of the Spiritual Rift Series

The team defeated Spartacus in the Grand Final of the competition three games to one

Spartacus and Axex will play the final of the Spiritual Rift Series

The final of the tournament will take place on November 12

DRX is the new world champion of League of Legends

The final of the Worlds 2022 was held in the city of San Francisco, United States

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