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Game vision | Cracked compromise

Wearing the shirt of your country is a privilege that comes from the accumulation of sporting merits on the field of play. Only an elite of renowned athletes who have done their homework throughout their careers reach the national soccer or any other sport team. But no one is obliged to wear Vinotinto uniforms.

Playing for the national team does not mean completing forced military service; Rather, it is a moral commitment that the player establishes with the country he decides to represent in order to achieve the highest goals.

If that commitment is weak or cracks for the most diverse reasons, what happens in the vinotinto, where the absences of several figures, led by forwards Salomón Rondón and Josef Martínez have made noise in the summons of coach Leonardo González.

Whatever the real causes for which Rondón, Martínez, Savarino and Villanueva chose to remain in their respective clubs, the reality is that this moral commitment to the national team has been lost.

And if these players no longer have that sacred fire to come to the team, the best decision is to stay in the comfort of their clubs; take a step to the side as they have done so that other footballers, with their hunger for glory intact, are the ones who fight for the victories and the World Cup dream that feeds the illusions of Venezuelans.

Rondón must be applauded for his dedication and the goals that made him the best striker in the history of Vinotinto. No one has the right to reproach the "Gladiator" of Catia for anything.

We will continue to enjoy at Everton of England their ability to lower the balls in the middle of the field, fight against the centrals and define with their power.

But in the national team, the time has come to find a replacement to take on the responsibility of converting the goals that have been sorely lacking for the national team in this eventful tie.

Perhaps the solution is not to play with a classic nine like Rondón, but to increase the chances of reaching a goal with midfielders and wingers with undoubted vocation to step on the rival area like Cristian Cásseres Jr, José “Brujo” Martínez, Rómulo Otero , Yeferson Soteldo, Darwin Machís, Jhon Murillo and Adalberto Peñaranda. France became world champions with a forward like Oliver Giroud who did not score a single goal in the tournament.

In the absence of a decisive attacker in the area, it is best to bet on a variety of alternatives of players that move, occupy the spaces and take advantage of their options to hurt.

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