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Vinotinto has summoned for Maurice Revello

The Venezuelan team will be led by Argentine coach Ricardo Valiño

The Vinotinto Sub-23 announced this Thursday the list of summoned for the Maurice Revello tournament.

A total of 22 players who will be led by Ricardo Valiño in the tournament that begins this week in France.

Among the most outstanding on the list are Telasco Segovia, Yerson Chacón, Saúl Guarirapa among others.

It includes 17 players from the Futve League of the first and second division, along with six who play for teams abroad.

The group of soccer players trained this week in Gerona, Spain, together with several of the red wines classified for the U-17 World Cup, and now they will travel to Gallic lands to play the traditional tournament.

The Venezuelan team, runner-up in 2022, will debut at the Maurice Revello on June 5 against Costa Rica.


defenses: Luis Casiani Yiandro Raap, Andrés Ferro, Rafael Uzcátegui, Jesús Paz, Steven Pabón, Jon Aramburu, Carlos Vivas, Luis Francisco Balbo.

Midfielders: Abraham Bahachille, Bryant Ortega, Telasco Segovia, Andrés Romero, Emerson Ruiz, Yerson Ronaldo Chacón, Kervin Andrade.

Forwards: Daniel Pérez, Saúl Guarirapa, Jeriel De Santis, Santiago Rodríguez, Luifer Hernández, Brayan Alcocer.

goalkeepers: Frankarlos Benitez, Charles Demarco.

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