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Godín: «Uruguay must turn the page and fill up with energy»

The captain of the Uruguayan team, Diego Godín, emphasized on Tuesday that the team must "turn the page" from the tough 3-0 defeat to Argentina and "fill up with energy" for the game against Brazil for the South American qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

During the press conference that took place in the Celeste Complex, located on the outskirts of Montevideo, Godín acknowledged that "it always hurts to lose" and even more against Argentina, but now is the time to "get a little more rebellious" and correct the mistakes made.

“A match was drawn in which we deserved more (against Colombia) and we lost a match that hurt us. It is up to us to turn the page, get up quickly, fill ourselves with energy (…) there is no time to regret, there is time to correct and change a state of sadness into one of energy, opportunity and a new challenge ”, he stressed.

The Cagliari defender did not consider that Uruguay is in a moment of irregularity as it has happened in other South American qualifiers where they have been in extreme situations, although the last defeat "because of the way it happened and the little response" they had for Going for the result made everything seem worse.

For Godín, who made 150 games against Argentina defending La Celeste, this is the "most even" qualifying round that he has gone through.

Regarding the upcoming game against Brazil, the captain stressed that "the Uruguayan team always plays to achieve a victory" and, despite being aware of the Brazilian power at home, they will go for the three points.

"In March, when the qualifying rounds are over, we must pass the line and try to get the necessary points for Uruguay to be in the World Cup," he concluded.

With the fall against Argentina, Uruguay maintained the fourth position with 16 units, the same amount as Ecuador, although it accumulates a better balance of goals.

Ahead of them, Brazil and Argentina, with 28 and 22 points, although with a less disputed match, the one suspended in September by the Brazilian authorities due to the line-up of Argentine players who play in the English League.


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