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At least $ 150 would stop earning César Farías

The Bolivian Football Federation will hold a meeting with the technical director of the national team, the Venezuelan Cesar Farias and also to negotiate the issue of reducing salaries in the coaching staff due to these days of sports inactivity worldwide due to the coronavirus.

César Salinas, president of the FBF, together with Freddy Téllez, general director of the institution, will be in charge of talking with Farías and his coaching staff and propose a salary reduction of at least two months because since March 18 there has been no physical activity in Bolivia.

Farías and his coaching staff have one of the lowest salaries in South America with 75 thousand dollars a month (525 thousand Bolivians), however it is 200 times more than the minimum wage that a worker receives in the country.

If this initial proposal is materialized, the technician would stop receiving 150 thousand dollars, a figure that may change.

Farías' coaching staff is very numerous, account of at least 10 civil servants who work daily, although with this forced pause they had to monitor the players through the internet.

Farías was hired as technical director of Bolivia in the middle of last year, he directed the friendlies of the second semester, but when the World Cup qualifying rounds were about to begin, the cases of coronavirus increased in the continent, so the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup had to be postponed.

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