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Paz Rodríguez: We trust Venezuela to organize the Equestrian Series

The president of the Caribbean Equestrian Confederation arrived in Venezuela this Saturday

“We are sure that Venezuela will organize a great Caribbean Equestrian Series, because they already demonstrated it in 2014, with the management of Antonio Álvarez and the challenge they have is to try to overcome how well they did last time, something that is not easy, but we believe they can achieve it”. This is how Alberto Paz Rodríguez, the prominent Panamanian trainer, who currently serves as president of the Caribbean Equestrian Confederation, expressed himself upon his arrival in the country in the early hours of Saturday afternoon.

Paz Rodríguez arrived in Venezuela from Panama, accompanied by José Zajías, a Venezuelan equestrian member of the Confederation's steering committee, and Rafi Fernández, also from Panama.

He attended the press at the Simón Bolívar international airport in Maiquetía, where he expressed that he is pleased to be in the country and that he firmly believes in the capacity of our country to organize the event.

When asked how many countries should confirm their presence for the Series, he estimated that everyone is expected to do so and named Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Panama, Trinidad-Tobago, ratifying that he is confident in the success of the Series .

He praised Venezuelan horse racing and indicated that it has wonderful facilities, which allows it to organize a high-level event like the one that must be held in December this year.

On the other hand, he was emphatic when pointing out “Venezuela managed to get the venue for 2022, which is a great achievement, because all the member countries of the Confederation aspire to organize the event, because any of them considers it a pride to be able to host an equestrian event. of this importance for the Caribbean Basin”

He stated that the horses participating in the event are expected to arrive approximately one month before the event for acclimatization and to comply with the quarantine provided for by the regulations.

Mr. Paz Rodríguez was accompanied by Antonio Álvarez, National Superintendent of Equestrian Activities, who welcomed the highest authority of the Caribbean Equestrian Confederation and ratified that Venezuela takes on the challenge of organizing this event again, in the certainty that the Venezuelan equestrians are putting their maximum effort to make the Series a success.

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