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The secrets of the America's Cup changing rooms

We are only hours away from starting the most important cup in the world: The America's Cup. This event gives the best teams in America the opportunity to demonstrate their level, as well as fight for the title of being the best eleven in the continent. The Betting house They contemplate a lot of equality between numerous national teams, but perhaps Argentina and Brazil are the ones who start with the best option to reach the dream goal.

Soccer is a passion that moves the masses, and more than once we have all wanted to know how players prepare before games, what they talk about, what their problems are, etc.

The place that keeps all these secrets is the dressing room, for that reason to know the inner ins and outs of the world of football, a group of six world-class footballers, who will be participants in the 2020 Copa América, put numerous curiosities on the table that you surely did not know.

The first crack who accepts the challenge of this interview is not an American, but he says that he does not stop watching the Copa América, since he has colleagues who participate in it. His name is Manuel Lanzini who defends the West Ham team's right winger in the famous Premier League tooth and nail.

The bond that this player has with America will soon be closer, as he is emerging as a tempted signing of River Plate.

Another of the titans who will be present at this meeting will be Renato Tapia. He is one of the most acclaimed midfielders in Peruvian soccer. His international career belongs to Celta de Vigo in the Spanish league. He recently showed his level in a game against Ecuador where he was decisive.

About Peru. This country comes with everything for the Copa América. His performance against Brazil (the most difficult rival) is of the utmost importance, since after that victory everything would be easier for the Peruvians.

Mexico is present in this interesting video with Nestor Araujo. He is one of the most representative figures of the Spanish Real Celta de Vigo.

The last, but not least, are the fearsome, Rodrigo Ely and Fabián Balbuena. The former is practically a defensive wall that not many manage to knock down and participates in Deportivo Alavés in the first division of Spain. The latter is also a respectable midfield defender at West Ham United.

It should be noted that the Copa América organization has invited countries from other continents to participate on other occasions, but for this year 2021 there have been no guests, so the competition will lose that touch of internationalization of past deliveries.

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