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Yulimar gets ready for the Madrid Meeting

The Creole will participate this June 18

The Venezuelan athlete Yulimar Rojas started her 2022 season a few months ago, where she has been more than impressive. Her participation so far this year has given much to talk about, as usual.

Now the next step for the Venezuelan athlete is the Meeting of Madrid which will take place on June 18, one of the biggest stages for athletics and where Rojas will be the highlight of the day.

The Venezuelan athlete, recently debuted in her specialty for this season, the triple jump setting a mark of 14.83 meters, the highest in the world for this year.

In her fourth attempt during the previous weekend when she competed in La Nucía, Spain was when the woman from Caracas set the new record.

However, Rojas is a demanding woman by herself. For them after her participation she was not satisfied with the result.

"I am not happy with this result, but it is a good start for the goals we have."

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July will be the month of Yulimar

Now the gold winner at Tokyo 2020, she will seek to break the long jump record, the discipline that made Rojas fall in love with athletics.

In addition, it is followed by the Oregon 2022 World Championships in Athletics, which takes place in the United States between July 15 and 24.

The level that Rojas demonstrates in the competitions her participation translates into one more possibility for her to reach 16.0 meters in the triple jump, her wish before competing in the Olympic Games in its last edition.

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