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Hail queen! Yulimar sealed a new treble in Oregon

The Venezuelan is the first woman in history to win three outdoor world titles

Oregon, USA, and the entire world have surrendered at the feet of Yulimar Rojas, once again.

The Venezuelan has written a new page in the history of athletics, this Monday, July 18, 2022, by achieving her third world title in Tiple jump outdoors.

No one else had achieved something similar. With two world titles, Yulimar had a technical tie with the Russian Tatiana Lebedeva, the Cuban Yargelis Savigne and the Colombian Catherine Ibargüen. That's a thing of the past.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion is the absolute queen of the Triple Jump.

Overcoming inactivity

After several weeks of absence due to injury, Yulimar reappeared at the Oregon World Cup to continue extolling the Venezuelan tricolor.

And, although she did not look entirely comfortable, she had no competition.

He opened with a modest jump of 14.60 meters. But in his second attempt, he made the USA vibrate with a record of 15.47 m that assured him the gold.

Eager to break the world outdoor record (Inessa Kravets' 15.50m), Yulimar kept jumping. But on her third attempt she stayed at 15.24 m, she then had a couple of failed jumps, and closed with 15.39 m.

He smiled mischievously after his last attempt, knowing that something was left undone. But she celebrated in style with her supporters in Oregon.

He walked the track with the flag on his shoulders and kissed the medal while Gloria al Bravo Pueblo was heard.

six times queen

Yulimar Rojas, the girl from a popular area of ​​Anzoátegui state, is a legend, the pride of Venezuela and Latin America as a whole.

No athlete like her has been seen in her discipline. Her hegemony is a fact.

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The spectacular triumph in Oregon joins those achieved in London 2017 (14,91 m) and Doha 2019 (15,37 m). And he also replicates what he did indoors in:

  • Portland 2016 (14.41m)   
  • Birmingham 2018 (14.63m)
  • Belgrade 2022 (15.74m)

Six are already the world titles that the first and, until now, only Olympic champion of Venezuela adds. And her story is far from over.

"There is still much to give," he said firmly a few weeks ago.

Paris 2024 is on the horizon and the dream of jumping 16 meters and signing a double by combining glories in the Triple Jump and the Long Jump is getting bigger and bigger.

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