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Yulimar has "great challenges to meet"

The record holder is ready for the challenges of the season

The Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas never tires of daydreaming, each year the record holder has "great challenges to meet" and the 2023 season will not be an exception for her.

Rojas has remained trained with Barcelona for what will be the campaign that is about to begin. For the queen of the triple jump to succeed in her performances, it takes hard work of preparation and planning.

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That is why the figure already knows where to act this year, among his biggest challenges is the Diamond League where he has climbed to the podium for two consecutive. It is scheduled to start on May 5.

"I have quite big challenges to meet with the World Championship just around the corner (Budapest August 19-27) and it is very important for next year since the Olympic event in Paris 2024 will also arrive," he said.

Yulimar, at the age of 27, has established herself as one of the best female athletes, both she and the Blaugrana club enjoy staying in the sport's elite.

“Barcelona means the beginning of my career, the love for a shield, for a club that saw me born. A club that trusted me from the first moment. Being able to defend their colors is a source of pride for me ”, he concluded.

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