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Yulimar and Alison lead Athlete of the Year poll

The Creole and the Brazilian command the vote for the prize awarded by the Prensa Latina portal

Venezuelan triple jumper Yulimar Rojas and Brazilian hurdler Alison dos Santos got new votes in the traditional Sports Poll of the renowned Cuban portal Prensa Latina and established themselves at the top of their respective categories.

Jit, a press outlet linked to the Cuban Sports Institute, selected these two athletes for their extraordinary achievements in 2022, and also chose the Cuban Baseball 5 team, world champion, as the Best Team of the Year.

The publication prioritized Rojas in the Best Female Athlete section, relying on the enormous season of the South American, who won the titles at the Outdoor Athletics World Championships in Eugene, United States, and at the indoor orb event in Belgrade , Serbian.

In this last competition, Yulimar Rojas also set a world record, after reaching 15.74 meters, thus pulverizing the previous level, 15.67, which had also been in his possession since the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (2021).

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Dos Santos, for his part, reached the ballot as Best Male Athlete supported by his coronation in the 400-meter hurdles event in Eugene, where he broke the South American record and the primacy for world championships, with 46.29 seconds.

In this way, Rojas accumulates 12 votes in the Prensa Latina poll, while Alison dos Santos exhibits seven in her booty.

The reception of votes for the Survey will be open until December 22 and the results will be announced one day later.

Ours also competed for the same World Athletics award, but had no luck this time.

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