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Voting advances to choose Athlete of the Year 2022

The queen of the triple jump, Yulimar Rojas, has won it in the last three years and is the favorite

As has been the case since 1944, the Circle of Journalists of Venezuela (CDP) is getting ready to choose the most outstanding athletes on the national sports calendar, within the framework of the selection process for the Athlete of the Year Awards, promoted by the institution among their members and invited social communicators. This time it will be the 79th selection.

This edition will be historic, according to the milestones reached by Venezuelan athletes during the sports calendar. A year without equal, which demands maximum responsibility when selecting those athletes, coaches, teams, leaders and institutions that have made this the most fruitful year in the sports history of our country.

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In accordance with the statutes of the Award, in 2022 the Professional, Amateur and Paralympic Athlete of the Year of the Year will be chosen; Coach of the Year; to the Selection and to the Professional Team of the Year, and to the Manager and Sports Entity of the Year.

Every active member of the CPD who participates in the selection has the full right to nominate candidates on their own account that are not proposed by the Board of Directors.

The selection process, which is digital, closes on December 27, while the results of the winners will be announced on the 28th of this month.

The CDP, as an institution created and promoted by the Circle of Sports Journalists of Venezuela, hopes that the Athlete of the Year Award once again has the support and contribution to make it a fair recognition of those who gave their best to exalt the values of Venezuela in the national and international sports arena.

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