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Arráez closed at full speed the first two months

The San Felipe native posted a .381 average in his first 51 games

The first two months of the Major League season are over, and the Venezuelan Luis Arraez He has sustained the great hitting pace that has him ahead of all hitters in baseball in batting average.

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However, after his first 51 challenges, the Venezuelan has an average of .381; product of 72 hits in 189 at bats until the day of May 31. He has shown terrific consistency and poise, worthy of a hitter of his class and of course reminiscent of excellent hitters of past and recent times.

It should be noted that, making a comparison with these same first two months of the campaign, but last year when he wore the Minnesota Twins uniform. There we found that Luis Arráez had a batting percentage of .351 (from 148-52) but played a total of 43 games.

This means that he has not only managed to spend more time on the field. But he has far exceeded his first projections with the wood compared to last year.

One of the hardest outs

Now, it is not necessary to deny the evolution that the yaracuyano has had; one of the most difficult outs in baseball, as a hitter in the last two seasons, the result of the work he did in the winter before 2022 with Nelson Cruz.

Thus he perfected the natural talent that was already in him to make connections of all calibers and also to know the strike zone. Since he debuted in 2019 he has posted the lowest strikeout percentages year-over-year, as have his strikeout rates; that is, failed swings.

Even in his career, he has a 7.9% strikeout rate, more than 10% higher than the average in MLB since its debut, so without a doubt we are facing a kind of unique hitter, in a "Big Tent" where much appeal is made. to the force and to the hit of four corners.

His streaks are timely

In another order of ideas, it should be noted that the metrics indicate that Arráez is destroying his own expectations in terms of his hitting averages. This could clearly be an indication of his re-crowning as batting champion, but this time in the National League; the hardest thing would be to keep up, but he has shown that he can do it.

In fact, already in the previous campaign he went through small slumps. This year it has also happened, since he has spun games in which he has gone blank; something very rare in him, because his abilities are such that they don't call him "La Regadera" for nothing. However, he has managed to overcome the point that prior to last Thursday's game, he accumulated more than .400 points in his last five games and more than .350 in his last 12. This is the caliber of Luis Arráez's streaks, and the key to all your success.

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