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Homethe engines roarCurtain down in Abu Dhabi

Curtain down in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy a new installment of "The Engines Roar" by Carlos González

The Abu Dhabi circuit was the scene of this last valid of the 1 Formula 2022 World Cup, a race where everything was practically decided. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) champion in advance and the constructors' classification defined, 

The attraction was in the runner-up and the withdrawal of Sebastián Vettel. Second place finally went to Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) with 308 points, while Mexican Sergio "Checo" Pérez (Red Bull) had to settle for third place with 305 points. 

The movement to fire Vettel began on Thursday, when Hamilton and Alonso moved around the farewell to the four-time champion, who was even in charge of the leadership of the Pilots Association, the GPDA, with which he earned respect and consideration of their colleagues, especially for their work in terms of safety.

That Thursday, in Abu Dhabi, all the drivers went to have a different time, to share a dinner, and show respect for the German driver in what would be his last race.

And it was precisely on this Arab circuit where Vettel won his first championship in 2010, against all odds, in a tough battle against Fernando Alonso and Max Webber, without ruling out the drive brought by Lewis Hamilton.

Returning to dinner, already in Brazil his colleagues had prepared a letter of praise and farewell where each driver expressed their appreciation to Vettel, not only as a driver, but also for his work for 12 years as his representative.

A very emotional farewell where the teams in which he participated, authorities, journalists and photographers joined. 

His father was in the pits with the first panty he wore and with the trophy that Michael Shumacher will give him in a karting victory, in the middle of the walk he took to the applause and hugs of all his teammates.

Abu Dhabi was the perfect place for this emotional act, and it was also where he was world champion for the first time in 2010, becoming the youngest at just 23 years, 4 months and 11 days, beating Hamilton by 5 months and 16 days. Vettel left, after 17 seasons

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