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Homethe engines roarSergio Pérez to put the batteries

Sergio Pérez to put the batteries

Enjoy a new installment of "The Engines Roar" by Carlos González

Mexican driver Sergio Pérez has had an up-and-down year, despite his two wins this season. The first at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and then at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Being in a team of the magnitude and demand of Red Bull is not easy, especially if you add to this that his teammate (Max Verstappen) is an executioner, a pilot with exceptional conditions, who does not forgive, who goes for everything and with a huge desire for triumphs. 

The news is that "Checo" is not there to win races, let alone championships, but so that when Verstappen fails, he says he is present. If his teammate wins, Sergio should be second outright, not third or fourth. His problems have been in qualifying. Some accidents have not allowed him to go further. Even in some statement Fernando Alonso hinted that he could dispute the runner-up to Pérez. 

In particular, I think that the Spanish driver was a bit euphoric. I think his chances are nil, unless the Mexican doesn't compete anymore. I hope and wish that "Checo" does not give in to the pressure and I fully agree with the former world champion Nico Rosberg when he advises Sergio not to see social networks because he can read comments that are not to his liking and this is you will lose focus on your goals. 

At this time the networks can become an enemy. The “Czech” Pèrez has the Australian Daniel Ricciardo prevented at bat, making kilometers in his new team, AlphaTauri, replacing the Dutchman Nyck de Vries. Ricciardo is an old Red Bull acquaintance with whom he won eight races. However, "Checo" has a break due to the break in the category to recharge batteries and have a new air. 

We were in the Netherlands accompanying the Venezuelan driver Rodolfo González in the European prototype championship. A complicated weekend with problems in practice and qualifying where he did very few laps on a circuit he didn't know.

In this long-term race, Rodolfo went out to classify the car and managed to put it in sixth position, then his partner exceeded speed in the pits and they lowered it to seventh place to later deliver it in eighth place. The Venezuelan managed to close in a very decent way a day that began difficult and in the end he leaves with fourth place. 

Engines roar on television on channel i. I remind you to drive with courtesy and if you drink, please don't drive.

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