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Andrés Reiner, remembered as the "guru" of Venezuelan baseball talent scouts, the man who revolutionized the style of recruiting players with the creation of the first academies in our country in the mid-XNUMXs, stated as a top executive of the Astros, Just under twenty years ago, Venezuela was close to surpassing the Dominican Republic as the main supplier of talent to the Major Leagues.

The words of the good friend who left almost six years ago, at the beginning of August 2016, are still not true. The Dominicans double us with a harvest of more than 800 players for just over 400 on our part.

The academic program of the different organizations was replaced by private instruction centers where the youngsters are trained, who each year attend the exhibitions attended by the scouts to evaluate conditions and determine if they meet the different parameters to receive the opportunity to jump. to the professional.

At a quantitative level, there is no discussion, the Dominicans have a wide advantage over us. But in quality we are very even.

What a number of catchers!

The recent promotion of the catcher from Barquisimeto Gabriel Moreno to the ranks of the Toronto Blue Jays gives rise to support this affirmation of the qualitative.

Although until two or three decades ago, Venezuela was characterized by producing players with good hands to play in the infield, especially at the shortstop position, now the production model has changed.

The training centers have instructions to guide the boys towards the skills of reception, blocking, precision in shooting the bases, in training the young player so that he develops a high baseball IQ, that he knows how to anticipate, that he reads the game well , and communicate very well with the caster.

Moreno, who debuted last weekend, at the age of 22, after being signed in 2016 with a bonus of just $25, was fourth on the list of the 100 best prospects before the start of the 2022 season.

Hundreds in the minors

And together with Moreno, the number of Venezuelan catchers that are developing in the minor leagues is impressive. In the portal of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, if you check the statistics section abroad, only in the rookie category in the United States and the Dominican Republic, we went over a hundred receivers.

And in 2022, in the Major Leagues, they have seen action, fourteen players, half of them as starters:

  • Robinson Chirinos (Orioles)
  • William Contreras (Braves)
  • Willson Contreras (Cubs)
  • Elijah Diaz (Rockies)
  • Jose Godoy (Twins)
  • Jose Herrera (Jingle Bells)
  • Gabriel Moreno (Blue Jays)
  • Omar Narvaez (Brewers)
  • Rene Pinto (Rays)
  • Manuel Pina (Braves)
  • Salvador Perez (Royals)
  • Sebastian Rivero (Royals)
  • Keibert Ruiz (Nationals)
  • Luis Torrens (Nationals)

To this can be added that in the international signing period that took place last March, five Venezuelan catchers were recruited with bonuses of between 2 million and 800 thousand dollars: Luis Meza (Azulejos), Víctor Izturis (Guardianes), Juan Pérez ( Giants), Josué Brceño (Tigers) and César González (Athletics).

And one last piece of information, based on the fact that another of the main Venezuelan prospects at the moment is a catcher specialist, Francisco Álvarez, from Guati, who is ripping the ball apart in the Eastern league AA. In order not to contradict what Reiner said, we chose the Venezuelan and Dominican catchers who are in the Mets and Yankees branches, according to the 2022 Media Guides of each organization.

Venezuelan catchers Mets (10):

  • Francisco Álvarez
  • Joseph Classroom
  • oscar fields
  • Jose Colina
  • Adrian Lander
  • Gregory Loyal
  • Juan Loyo
  • Joseph Marcano
  • Jose Melendez
  • Victor Perozo

Mets Dominican Catchers (2):

  • tommy gomez
  • Jose Mena

Venezuelan catchers Yankees (13):

  • gabriel bersing
  • Edinson Duran
  • Antonio Gómez
  • Joshua Gonzalez
  • Diomedes Hernandez
  • Carlos Herrera
  • Omar Martinez
  • Carlos Narvaez
  • Manuel Palencia
  • Jesus Rodriguez
  • Ricardo Rodríguez
  • Juan Sanchez
  • Miguel Torres

 Dominican catchers Yankees (4):

  • Rodolfo Duran
  • Nicolás García
  • Agustin Ramorez
  • Saul Torres

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