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Ball at the UCV until the middle of the year

Enjoy a new installment of "Strike Cantado" by Carlos Figueroa Ruiz

Everything seems to indicate that the useful life of the Ciudad Universitaria stadium of the UCV in Caracas as the venue for matches of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League will barely exceed seventy years.

In media close to the LVBP, it has been aired since before the press conference offered this week to give details of the progress in the organization of the 2023 Caribbean Series, in which it was announced that the Los Chaguaramos park will remain as a stadium of practice for the eight teams that will animate the February event, that before the end of December the new Rinconada stadium will become the new home of the Leones del Caracas and that the Tiburones de La Guaira will go to play in Macuto.

If so, then the modern Coche diamond will become the capital's third stage for professional baseball. The first seven seasons were held at the disappeared Stadium Cerveza Caracas in San Agustín, from January 12, 1946 to February 14, 1952.

The tentative date of the last game of Caracas as the home club at the UCV is December 14 against the Águilas del Zulia and the next day they compete against the Tiburones as visitors. They will then travel to Puerto La Cruz, Maracaibo and Barquisimeto for six days. They will be back in the capital after Christmas, to receive Bravos de Margarita on Monday 26, a date that could be the opening of the new stage.

In any case, since the Universitario hosted the first game of the LVBP, in which Caracas accounted for Venezuela 9-5, until the clash against the Zulians on December 14, the capital's fans have enjoyed the baseball spectacle in that park for 70 years, one month and 25 days, in other words, in 71 of the 72 contests played from October 1952 to December 2022. The only time there was no professional baseball in the capital was in the 1975 edition -76, when Leones y Tiburones did not reach an agreement for the lease with the UCV authorities, and left to play in Acarigua-Araure as "Tibuleones" of Portuguesa.

Six of the 16 no hits no run recorded in the history of the LVBP, scene of 7 of the 13 Caribbean Series that have been held in Venezuela, site of historical moments such as Baudilio Díaz's 20th home run in the 1979-80 campaign, the home run that Willie Mays hit with Santurce to Ramón Monzant, from Magallanesm in the 1955 Caribbean event, visits from Major League clubs on several occasions and Alex Cabrera's 21st home run in 2013-14, are some of the most emblematic that this cathedral of Venezuelan baseball will leave behind.

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