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Yulimar: "This is a victory for Venezuela"

The Venezuelan gave impressions after her third world title in Salto Tiple outdoors

Olympic champion and six-time triple jump world champion Yulimar Rojas gave impressions, after winning his third outdoor title on July 18 with a jump of 15,47 meters at the world championships in Oregon.

“I am happy and calm, without discomfort. It has been a complete victory in health, work, commitment, in passion. A victory for the sport, for Venezuela, for my work team, for those who believe in me and who have never stopped fighting with me,” said Yulimar.

Yulimar Rojas (Photo: AFP)

She became the first woman in history to win three outdoor world titles, she was also among the athletes who have won 6 or more world titles such as the legendary Mo Farah, Michael Jhonson and Sergey Bubka:


  • London 2017 (14,91m)
  • Doha 2019 (15,37m)
  • Oregon 2022 (15,47m)

indoor track

  • Portland 2016 (14.41m)   
  • Birmingham 2018 (14.63m)
  • Belgrade 2022 (15.74m)

“To be able to win this title is incredible. I am enjoying every moment that God gives me and every blessing that there is in my life. This is an example to overcome circumstances, injuries, what they say or believe about you. If you go for your dreams, you can achieve them”, she adds.

The 6 jumps of Yulimar

The woman from Caracas began her competition with a jump of 14,60 m followed by her mark to take the gold 15,47 m. In the third turn she added the record of 15,24 m. In the fourth and fifth jump she could not and they were annulled. She closed the competition with 15,39 m.

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At 26 years old, this Venezuelan athlete has managed to achieve one of the greatest achievements for her nation and for an entire discipline, which will keep her records for a long time. It is said that an athlete like Yulimar Rojas will not be another to achieve such feats.

Since 2014, when she dedicated herself to the triple jump in Barquisimeto Yulimar has been growing exponentially, and reached one of her highest points when she set the world record with 15,74 meters in Belgrade, now she has only one goal, to surpass herself.

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