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Yulimar Rojas: Tokyo is the goal

The Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas, triple jump champion in the Doha world, returned this Wednesday to Venezuela after a year of absence satisfied with an evolution that in 2019 has allowed him to overcome the 15-meter bar, something that in 2018 he did only once, but warned that his goal is another.

"Tokyo is the goal," he said, referring to the 2020 Olympics.

Among other achievements in her season, the jumper also highlighted having achieved the second best record in the triple jump for life, as well as the gold medal in Qatar, the renewal of her world title and the joy that has brought her country.

He admitted that since he won the silver medal at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics, he has set himself the challenge of those of Tokyo 2020, an appointment to which he will arrive highly motivated after winning four world titles.

"Right now, thinking about giving my best and winning that gold medal so longed for me," he emphasized.

When asked about the possibility of breaking the mark of the Ukrainian Inessa Kravets of 15,50 meters, Rojas said that a world record "is something that comes out alone".

"I don't plan it, I don't know where it will come out, but I do have to work hard to be there," he said.

On her great rival on the slopes, the Colombian Caterine Ibargüen, said that she has been "a fundamental pillar" in her career.

He said that although Ibargüen did not physically reach the World Cup "he did very well", so he sent him "a big kiss and a big hug".

Caterine "has always brought out the best in me in every competition," he emphasized.

He said he wished "to recover" and found her in Tokyo.

Yulimar Rojas has been invited to make the honor kick for the friendly match between the Venezuelan and Bolivian soccer teams, to be played in Caracas.


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