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Yulimar Rojas goes for gold and world record in Tokyo

Grace, friendliness and authenticity are just some of the qualities that describe the world monarch of the triple jump, Yulimar Rojas with joy and that good attitude that characterizes her, she received this Thursday the media at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee (VOC).

The triplista arrived in the country after obtaining her second consecutive gold medal in a World Athletics Championship. Rojas, got mark of 15,37 meters to revalidate his universal scepter obtained in London 2012.

In the middle of a conversation with different media, the Anzoatiguense highlighted how good her 2019 season was "It has been a beautiful and successful year, the best of my career".

On the other hand, Yulimar affirmed that he has the world record set among his goals and it is something that "torments me", he made it clear that he sought it during the final of the World Cup tournament, but continues to look at the brand imposed by the Ukrainian Inessa Kravet with 15,50 meters in 1994. "The world record is something that is in my legs, we have it here and we have it here," said the talkative Creole athlete very confidently.

With this season already over, the 'Negrita del Tumbaito' focuses on the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, whose classification is assured after its great high of 15,41 meters at the Andújar rally, Spain.

"I think that in Tokyo, a world record and an Olympic medal would be perfect," said the Venezuelan.

He also detailed his rivalry with the Colombian Catherine Ibargüen, who was his closest contender, "Catherine is a nice example for me, she represents the courage and heart of Colombia."

Meanwhile, he appreciated the words that the former champion spoke to her after Yulimar will stay with the center in Doha, "She said, congratulations, you are great and you are going to continue growing, you are going to be the successor to the queen of the triple jump," explained the native.

The charismatic jumper wants to achieve the gold medal in Tokyo, along with being the first Venezuelan woman to get that medal in the universal contest and to be the first jumper to get more than 16 meters. «We are going to reach the world record and I think this is going to be short, I think that the 15 meters are going to be short and we are going to continue increasing every inch until we are the first woman to jump 16 meters, which is what we want », He affirmed in the VOC auditorium.

Before reaching the Asian continent for the Olympic joust, Rojas will participate in a European tour with his intervention in the
World Indoor Athletics Championships in Nanking, China, and his performances at the stops of the Diamond League.

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