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Game vision | IND Board of Directors awaits appointment of new members

Nobody explains the reason why the members of the new Board of the National Sports Institute have not been appointed. Since the departure of today's deputy for Caracas, Pedro Infante, from his dual role as Minister of Sports and President of the IND, the executive body has been inoperative.

According to the Organic Sports Law, the IND Board of Directors must be made up of the president of the organization, five directors or directors of the IND designated by the minister with competence in the matter, a representative of the IND workers, a member of the National Athletes Commission, another from the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, one more from the Paralympic Committee, a spokesperson for the federations and another for the sports glories.

Last March, the federations elected Zobeira Hernández, president of the Venezuelan Gymnastics Federation, as their new delegate to the new Board of Directors.

In an election in which 29 of the 46 federations legally recognized by the IND participated for a 63% participation, the sports leaders replaced Judith Rodríguez (Fevevoleibol), who had been the representative of the sports promoting entities on the Board of Directors.

The reason for this change? Rodríguez kept complicit silence before the threats and expletives of the Lords of the Rings of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, of which several federation were victims, including the president of the Venezuelan Table Tennis Federation, the architect Félix Ducharne, who was offered to give a "beating" like this
publicly denounced at a press conference.

The truth is that even without the Directorate in operation, the IND carried out the Olympic and Paralympic route, which culminated in the recent Tokyo 2020 event with the best performance in the history of Venezuela, collecting medal records in both competitions.

But the Sports Minister, Melvin Maldonado, has the obligation to designate the five directors of the IND so that the Board can start up again and fulfill its multiple obligations, including: "Authorize the registration of entities national sports in the National Registry of Sport, Physical Activity and Physical Education ”.

This year has been one of renewal of the sports authorities of the associations and federations. The sports promoting entities are obliged to hold their elections to elect their directors for the 2021-2025 period, and the IND Board of Directors must approve, for its part, the respective administrative measures so that the associations and federations have the legal recognition of the State, as indicated by the Sports Law and its Partial Regulation Number 1.

The Olympic Dream program, which the president of the republic, Nicolás Maduro, requested from the country's sports leadership, could begin by putting the unedista Directory into operation. Because the only ones who benefit from the failure of this executive branch of sport are the sports leaders who, at the point of threats and tricks, aspire to remain in their positions.

Only the federatives that have legal recognition of the IND may, in turn, participate next year in the election of the new authorities of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee for the period 2022-2026.

There is already a whole legal strategy, full of challenges in the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court, to prevent the “rebel” federations, contrary to the continuity of the Lords of the Rings of the COV, from receiving recognition from the IND and asserting their right to participate and dissent in next year's election.

The ethics for karate do must also apply to swimming

By mandate of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, the National Institute of Sport and the Venezuelan Olympic Committee must appoint a representative to form part of the Electoral Commission AD-HOC that must carry out the electoral processes of the Venezuelan Federation of Karate Do and Water Sports respectively.

In response to this mandate of the TSJ, the COV directive sent a letter on July 16, 2021 to Magistrate Indira Izaguirre, president of the Electoral Chamber, in which she refuses to have representation in the collegiate body of the Karate Do Federation, because "it places a serious risk of violation of the Olympic Charter and the principles that sustain it, as well as the Code of Ethics of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee." Consequently, it is to be assumed that for the same reasons the COV will not accept to participate in the Electoral Commission of the Water Sports Federation, as ordered by the Supreme Court in another decision on September 17, even more so when there would be a possible conflict of family interest. involved in that electoral process.

Metro and a half is the distance to respect urban cyclists

Difficulties with the supply of gasoline, the health and environmental benefits of moving on two wheels and an environmental awareness have increased the number of bicycles in Venezuela. For this reason, last weekend, hundreds of urban riders took to the streets of Caracas again to raise awareness about the need to respect cyclists. One and a half meters is the minimum distance that a motorized transport must separate from a rider to avoid accidents Do not forget it when you drive and see a cyclist pedaling next to you.

In the National Assembly this year a bill of Urban Cycling Law was presented that we have not heard more about, and that
wait for a second discussion. The issue of cycling and creating routes for their mobility should be a matter of concern and debate for mayoral elections throughout the country.

It would be appropriate for the candidates to govern our cities to include in their plans to create bicycle lanes. They will surely get a good flow of votes. At least mine in Libertador.

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