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Swimming added another two golds on its second day

Mercedes Toledo and Alfonso Mestre led the Creole production that closed with seven medals

Venezuelan swimming continued its successful passage through the Bolivarian Games of Valledupar 2022 this Sunday, adding another seven medals, including the golds of Mercedes Toledo and Alfonso Mestre.

Toledo, 33, appealed to his experience and dominated the test of the 200 meter breaststroke with a final time of two minutes and 34.50 seconds.

Behind the Venezuelan were the Panamanian Emily Santos (02:34.82) and the local Karina Vivas (02:38.01), who were silver and bronze, respectively.

In the male branch, Venezuela also managed to climb to the top of the podium in the test of the 200 meter freestyle with Alfonso Mestre.

The youngest of the Mestre brothers crossed the pool in one minute with 47.74 seconds to add his third gold of the fair. The podium was completed by his compatriot Rafael Dávila (01:49.62) and the Peruvian Joaquin Vargas (01:50.59).

Yegres continues adding

In 200 meter freestyle The Venezuelan siren María Yegres won the silver medal and added her third metal of the fair (one gold and two silvers).

 The 17-year-old National finished with a time of two minutes and 02.41 seconds, which was only surpassed by the Dominican Krystal Lara (02:01.21). Colombian Karen Durango was third (02:04.13).

Equipment covered in silver

In the 4×100 medley relay event, the Venezuelan teams, both male and female, added silver.

El men's team, made up of Alberto Mestre, Jesús López, Jorge Otaiza and Luis Ramírez, finished second with a final time of 03:45.02.

In that test the podium was led by Colombia (03:40.89) and completed by Paraguay (03:45.05).

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In turn, the female team, made up of Yegres, Toledo, Lismar Lyon and Nicole Gutiérrez, made a time of 04:19.94. Colombia was surpassed (04:13.70) and escorted by Peru (04:23.21).

bronze to close

The National harvest closed with a bronze from Mariana Cote in the 400 meter medley. The 17-year-old girl finished the test with a time of 05 minutes with 05.30:XNUMX.

The Peruvian María Muñoz (04:57.35) took the gold and the Colombian Samantha Baños (05:04.87) with the silver.

The seven medals this Sunday are added to the six from the first day for a total of six golds, five silvers and two bronzes. The discipline still has two days of competition left.

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