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Speed ​​canoeing continues adding medals

Edward Paredes and Ray Acuña added medals for the second consecutive day

Venezuela added three silver medals and two bronze medals in speed canoeing in the XIX Bolivarian Games Valledupar 2022.

Edward Paredes and Yaser Bello obtained the silver metal in the category C2 500 meters – Men. Overtaken by 4 seconds by the Colombian duo of Alejandro Rodríguez and Daniel Pacheco with a time of 1 minute 49 seconds and 24 hundredths.

Here at the category K4 500 male, the Venezuelans Cristian Canache, Daniel Roman, Rafael Cardoza and Ray Acuña added another silver. Chile obtained the gold 2 seconds from the Venezuelans who recorded 1 minute 28 seconds and 29 hundredths.

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On the women's side, the Venezuelans Enexi Mendoza, Giomar Fernández, Mara Guerrero and Yocelin Canache, in the same K4 500 class, won the bronze medal. Chile and Colombia were consecrated with the silver and gold medals respectively.

They returned to the kayak

Yocelin Canache and Mara Guerrero doubled in the K2 500 meters category, to add another bronze medal with a time of 2 minutes 13 seconds and 2 hundredths. The Venezuelans beat the Peruvians (4th), to complete the podium where silver and gold went progressively to Colombia and Chile.

Milenca Hernandez She won the third silver medal of the day for venezuela and the sixth overall. The 17-year-old was only 3 seconds behind the Colombian Yerly Muñoz with a time of 2 minutes 19 seconds and 49 hundredths in the category of K1 500 meters.

They failed to add in canoeing

Venezuelans Jonnymar Perfecto and Javianyeli Rivas finished the day's competitions (C2 500m), coming fourth and failed to complete the podium.

Speed ​​canoeing takes place on a course of calm waters and the races are contested by two types of boat, canoe (C) and kayak (K) and their categories are derived from there.

Venezuela adds 8 medals in total in speed canoeing; 6 silver metals and 2 bronze. Located in third place in this discipline above the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

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