Thursday, August 4, 2022
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Julio Iemma second in bronze in Valledupar

The two medals of the shooter were in air rifle 10 meters and rifle in three positions 50 meters

Olympian Julio Iemma won the bronze medal for the second time in Valledupar 2022.

The shooter continues with his great performance in Valledupar, adding his second bronze medal in Valledupar 2022.

After finishing on the third step of the podium in the 10 meter air rifle, two days ago, today he returned to the podium after scoring 385.6 points in the 50 meter three position air rifle competition.

First place went to Kenny Matta from Guatemala with 390.7 points and second place went to Christian Morales from Peru with 387.5 points.

Only a tenth separated Iemma from silver.

With three days of competition ahead, sport shooting still has great options to increase its medal count in women's rifle, skeet and pistol.

The heat was undoubtedly one of the obstacles in the way of the shooter to opt for a better final position.

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