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La Guaira will host eleven disciplines for the XX National Games

More than a thousand athletes will participate in eleven sports disciplines, which will take place in the La Guaira branch of the XX National Sports Games, which will take place between January 31 and February 12.

The venues where this sporting fair will take place on the Litoral will be the Hugo Chávez Arena Coliseum and the Camurí Chico spa, in the Caraballeda county , for sand volleyball, open water swimming and triathlon disciplines. Boxing and kempo will be in the Peace Field, in the Urimare parish.

The José María Vargas Sports Center, Carlos Soublette parish, will be the venue for weightlifting, taekuondo and wrestling; and the Naval School of Venezuela for kickboxing, wuchu and zambo disciplines.

The Deputy Minister of Sports Mass, José Luis Tovar, sworn in on Wednesday the Organizing Committee of the La Guaira branch, chaired by Governor José Alejandro Terán, in a ceremony held at the Hugo Chávez Arena Coliseum.

The Vice Minister of Sports Massification indicated that there will be a control of the capacity and of the biosecurity measures for the entrance to the sports spaces, as well as the mandatory use of the mask and the disinfection will be constant.


These sports spaces and accommodation villas such as the Naval Administration Center CN Felipe Santiago Estévez de la Armada, Canes, La Ciudad Vacacional Los Caracas and the Hotel Camurí Chico, are being rehabilitated by the national and regional governments, and present 70% forward. The recovery focuses on the areas of lighting, toilets, training, bedrooms, telephony, courts, among others, said Terán.

He stressed that La Guaira seeks a successful participation of his team, and announced the creation of a Regional Technical Plan for the sport, "we are going to design a plan of at least 12 years, three Olympic cycles, that has continuity, to convert the Guaira is a sports powerhouse, both in mass and high performance, "said Terán.

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