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Nadal: “I will possibly retire in 2024”

The Spaniard is still affected by the psoas injury he suffered at the Australian Open

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal reiterated this Monday that “possibly” 2024 will be the year of his retirement, after eight months away from the courts in which he has undergone two operations for his psoas injury (the innermost muscle in the human body). .

“I said that possibly 2024 was my last year, I stand by it, but I can't confirm it 100 percent because I don't know,” Nadal said in an interview with the Movistar+ network.

The successful Spanish athlete announced on May 18 that the psoas injury he suffered at the Australian Open in January led him to put “a full stop” in his career before facing his farewell to the circuit in 2024.

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“This would be my goal: to try to stop and try to probably face the last year of my sports career with at least the guarantee of being able to enjoy it.”

Nadal reiterated this Monday that he would “like to play again and be competitive again,” in addition to revealing that he had psoas and hip surgery a few months ago..

"But the hope is not to win Roland Garros again or win Australia, so that people do not get confused, all that is very far away, I am very aware of the difficulties that I face, one that is insurmountable is age, and the another is physical problems,” he explained.


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