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Sports mass drive in schools and high schools

"Pedro Fontes School, with your name we will march, forward, forward, forward, we will always triumph at last". This is how the choir of the hymn of the Bolivarian National Educational Unit Pedro Fontes prays, honoring the more than 600 boys and girls from La Vega Parish who joined the sports and recreational party in the framework of the return to classes, organized by the Ministry of Popular Power for Youth and Sports with the support of the Ministry of Education.

The ceremony was attended by the highest authority of sport, the minister Pedro Infante Aparicio, along with the deputy minister of Sports Masification, Arnaldo Sánchez and directors of the National Sports Institute (IND), who delivered kits with soccer balls, basketball, volleyball, among other materials to promote sport in the institution.

"President Nicolás Maduro has said that sport and culture, through theater and music, are cross-cutting elements to attend to all our children in an integral way, which is why we are starting with the delivery of sports equipment to guarantee education physical and sports practice in all schools nationwide, "said Infante.

Part of the sports agency's agenda will be to continue with the massification plan. "There are three basic sports that we are going to promote in each of the schools and lyceums, which is athletics, gymnastics and chess, to strengthen the development of our children, agility and fundamental motor skills, thinking about their integral growth and also thinking about attracting talent throughout the country, ”added Minister Infante.

The activity began with the participation of the Band Show of the María Antonia Bolívar Educational Unit of La Vega Parish and various sports and recreational activities.

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