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Leodan Torrealba jumped gold in Valledupar

The Venezuelan shared the podium with the representatives of Colombia and Ecuador

Leodan Torrealba was titled in the triple jump of the Bolivarian Games in Valledupar, Colombia, by achieving a mark of 16.57 meters (event record).

The competitions were held at the facilities of the High Performance Center "La Gota Fría".

Torrealba shared the triple jump award podium with Colombia, Geiner Moreno, who reached 16.11 meters, and with Ecuadorian Steeven Palacios, who recorded 15.93.

He added to finish, his joy in giving a medal to the country in the sports competition of the Olympic cycle.

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The Venezuelan's commitment will be the World Athletics Championships, which will be held in Oregon, United States from July 15 to 24, 2022.

Women's athletics also added medals

Fernanda Maita won the silver medal in the Triple Jump competitions, making a jump of 13.03 meters that placed her in second place on the podium.

For his part, Orangy Jiménez also won silver in the 200 meter dash competition.

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