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Kimi Raikkonen: I will continue to compete as long as I enjoy

Finnish Kimi Raikkonen of the team Alfa Romeo, who this weekend will dispute his race number 307 in Formula One and will be placed third on the list of most experienced drivers in the history of the championship, he indicated that he will continue «Competing while enjoying».

In the press conference prior to the Russian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen assured that it was not in his plans to become such a long-lived driver, although, once he broke this Sunday with the German Michael Schumacher and the British Jenson Button, he will only have ahead of the Spanish Fernando Alonso (311) and the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello (322).

«Before I didn't have a plan and now neither. As long as I enjoy, I will continue to compete. As long as I feel like I can drive and run as I think, I am happy to continue and last longer in the races despite the nonsense that surrounds them, "he said.

The 39-year-old pilot pointed out that the figure of 307 Grand Prix does not tell him anything at the moment.

Maybe one day when I look back my results will mean something., Agregó.

Focusing on this Sunday's race in Sochi, Kimi Raikkonen expressed his wish that his Alfa Romeo will be better than in Singapore. EFE

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