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Joaquín Sánchez won gold in Rosario

The karateka beat the Colombian representative to climb to the top of the podium

A week begins and the Venezuelan delegation continues to increase the medal table at the 2022 South American Youth Games. This time Joaquín Sánchez climbed to the top of the podium.

The Venezuelan faced the representative of Colombia in the discipline of Karate -68 Kg.

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In this way, Venezuela treasures 12 gold medals.

Sánchez was passing the tests until he reached the last instance of the competition undefeated «They were very difficult fights, the whole team knew what would happen».

One of the strategies used was to “steal time” from the coffee opponent in the dispute, it would be the key to reaching gold. The tricolor team had previously visualized the rival's strengths.

These are the results and opponents of the Venezuelan:

  • Chile 1-0
  • Peru 3-2
  • Paraguay 9-0
  • Brazil 0-0
  • Ecuador 3-0
  • Columbia 2-1

The young man dedicated his victory to the entire nation and it is expected that this will be the great beginning for Venezuela in the discipline.

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