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Doctor spoke about the "secret treatment" Michael Schumacher underwent

During the first days of September a news surprised all motoring fans when the German Michael Schumacher He was admitted to a Paris hospital to undergo "secret treatment" despite the fact that his family always maintained a firm seal on the state of health of the seven-time world champion.

Little was known until then. However, the doctor Philippe Menache broke the silence and told about the admission to hospital of the seven-time world champion in F1.

"I do not work miracles. With my team we are not doing any 'experiment', an abominable term that does not correspond to a serious vision of medicine, "said the specialist who attended the German.

"Admittedly, I was the first to do heart stem cell transplants, but the cycle of clinical testing ended two years ago. There has been great progress in the last twenty years, but the truth is that we still know little, "continued the medical expert.

The French environment Le Parisien, who closely followed the current state of health of Schumacher since he entered the Paris hospital, revealed a while ago that the institution became "a bunker".

However, they also managed to speak to one of the nurses in charge of caring for the former German pilot.

"Yes, he is at my service," a young nurse from the cardiology department commented to 'Le Parisien'. And I can assure you that he is conscious, he had pointed out.

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