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Daniel Dhers premiered documentary

"One pedal at a time" is now available on the Olympic medalist's YouTube channel

The Venezuelan Olympic medalist and world champion of the BMX Freestyle discipline Daniel Dhers made the live premiere on his YouTube channel of a three-episode documentary series.

“One pedal at a time” recounts his experience in Venezuela after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

After his Olympic experience, Dhers found a Venezuela full of hope thanks to sports and willing to share the vision of building a country.

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From the indigenous communities of Canaima in the State of Bolívar together with the Eposak Sustainable Tourism Organization, to local cultural expressions such as the "burning of the old year" in the State of Táchira.

His perspective on Venezuelan natural icons and the importance of a support team and even friendship develops and evolves as the chapters progress.

The protagonists of "One pedal at a time" are those who have served as a support base and team for Dhers during his stay in Venezuela.

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