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Biocchi climbed the highest mountain in the world

After 20 years a Venezuelan achieves the feat again

The Venezuelan Raul Andres Biocchi reached the top of Mount Everest, in an expedition for days by a group of people from various countries.

The climbers arrived this Thursday at 6:40 in the morning (Nepal time) to the top of Mount Everest, reported the specialized site Everest Today. The agency Tashi-Lakpa-Sherpa took charge of the expedition.

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Everest, the highest mountain on the surface of planet Earth, with an altitude of 8.848 meters above sea level, located on the Asian continent, saw several records on this day, including the most summits for a woman.

The country famous for its temples and mountains (Nepal) only reopened its peaks to mountaineers last year, after the pandemic shut down the industry in 2020.

With coronavirus cases declining, expedition operators in the country are hopeful of a busier climbing season this year, the agency reported.

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