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Beijing 2022 Games still stand

One day after the líder The Swiss team spoke about the possibility of postponing the Beijing Winter Olympics due to the coronavirus pandemic, the IOC promised that they will be held as scheduled.

The Swiss Olympic committee said the IOC gave assurances about the event next month during a video conference with teams.

"The issue of a postponement is no longer relevant to all of us," said the líder of the Swiss team, Ralph Stöckli, in a statement.

The IOC hopes to avoid a second consecutive postponement.

But Stöcklin expressed concerns about the holding of the Beijing Games amid a growing number of athletes' infections.

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"We have to really discuss the possibility of a postponement of the Games ... If we don't have our best athletes there," Stöckli told state television.

The IOC and Chinese organizers said a panel of international experts will assess each case individually and handle the matter in a "more flexible" way, the Swiss team said.

“It is a positive sign,” said Stöckli, otherwise, given the current number of cases, “we would have to assume that some athletes, who no longer pose a risk, had been deprived of their dream of participating in the Olympic Games. ”.


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