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Yulimar Rojas: “How nice it is to be at home”

The Olympic champion and five-time triple jump world champion Yulimar Rojas, returned to our country from Spain on Sunday, after setting the world record with a jump of 15,74 meters, on the 20th of this month in Belgrade, Serbia.

"How nice it is to be at home, recharging energy for the outdoor season," published the winner of the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, on her Twitter social network account, during her arrival at Simón Bolívar Airport de Maiquetía where she was acclaimed by many fans.

The 26-year-old from Caracas took the opportunity to report that she has several plans for her visit to Venezuela; however, she did not give further details. "Soon I will tell you the plans I have, I am very excited," she added.

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Yulimar immediately moved to Puerto La Cruz (Anzoátegui) to reunite with his family.

Rojas won his third indoor world championship in Belgrade, after those achieved in Portland-2016 and Bimingham-2018 (in 2020 there was no championship due to the pandemic).

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With the jump of 15,74 meters at the Stark Arena in the Serbian capital, the Venezuelan improved her previous world record by 7 centimeters (15,67 m), obtained at the Tokyo Games on August 1, 2021, where she took the gold medal and surpassed the historical mark that the Ukrainian Inessa Kravets had since 1995 (15,50 m). Rojas also had the best all-time indoor record since she jumped 15,43m in Madrid in February 2020.

The absolute superiority of the woman from Caracas in this discipline, of which she is also a double outdoor world champion (2017 and 2019), was once again in evidence, distancing the silver medalist, the Ukrainian Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk, by one meter ( 14,74m). Yulimar Rojas, 26 years old and 1,92 meters tall, is trained by Cuban Iván Pedroso, Olympic champion in length in Sydney 2000.

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