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Triathlon achieved bronze in the Bolivarianos

Venezuelans Yhousman Perdomo and Luis Velásquez combined to give Venezuela another medal

The Triathlon, in the test male-couples He gave Venezuela another bronze medal on Monday at the 2022 Valledupar Bolivarian Games.

Yhousman David Perdomo and Luis Miguel Velásquez combined to complete the podium in the discipline with a time of 1 hour 55 minutes and 54 hundredths.

The Venezuelan dubla was surpassed by Colombians Brian Moya and Esteban Tibocha who added the silver medal. Juan Andrade and Ramon Matute representing the Ecuadorian delegation took the gold medal.

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The Venezuelans covered 1500 meters in swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running.

In these tests in pairs, the individual times were taken to determine the winners of the modality. olympic standard. Andrade, the Chilean Cristóbal Baeza and the Colombian Brian Moya, took gold, silver and bronze respectively. Perdomo was fourth, one minute and 8 seconds behind Moya.

The Chimichagüero municipality hosts rowing, canoeing, open water swimming and triathlon competitions in the Ciénaga de Zapatosa.

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