Óscar Ariza sealed his quota to Tokyo

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The Tatsumi Aquatic Center, in Koto-Ku, Tokyo - Japan, was the scene where Oscar Ariza, 21, got his direct place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic event, after being placed in position 17, among 46 participants of the test Platform 10 meters Male.

The Trujillo finished with 394.35 points in the preliminaries of the third day of the World Cup of the International Swimming Federation (FINA).

The Venezuelan came from less to more, his last two jumps were fundamental, to achieve the square to the universal fair.

“I feel good, super happy, proud, for all the people who have supported me, my coach always attentive to my performance. I have too many mixed feelings at this time, what I do know is that I am very happy to be for the first time in the Olympic Games, I thank, firstly my family and God who has always listened to my words before going to bed and again grateful to all the who have believed in me, my people from Barquisimeto, I am grateful and ABOVE VENEZUELA, to my people from Trujillo, I am proud to be a gocho as they say, to my land of Trujillo ”, highlighted Ariza.

The Data

Oscar Ariza went 17th to the semifinal round of the FINA Diving World Cup, still in competition to get his final place in the event. Ariza has already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In the same test, the 17-year-old Jesús González saw action, who finished 38 with 312.15 points.

Both men had participated in the first day in the preliminary of the synchronized 10m platform Oscar Ariza and Jesús González, who were in 17th position, out of 17 couples, with 315.12 points.


The one from Valera during this Olympic cycle, the second in his sports career, obtained several achievements: gold medal in synchronized 10m Platform with Robert Páez in the Bolivarian Games Santa Marta 2017, bronze medal in the 3m Trampoline at the Games Suramericanos Cochabamba 2018, a silver metal and a bronze one in the South American seniors in Peru and Argentina. He also participated in the 2019 World Cup in Korea and in the Lima Pan American Games of the same year where he could not advance to the final.

In this way, it guarantees the continuity of participation of Venezuelans in an uninterrupted way in the universal summer jousts, from the Montreal 1976 edition to the present.

The last to attend Rio 2016 were Jesús Liranzo and Robert Páez, both competing in the 10m Platform, finishing in 21st and 23rd places respectively.

Pinking the Olympic quota

Diver Elizabeth Pérez was the first to participate in the third day of the world event. She competed in the preliminary on the women's 3m springboard, where she finished 27 of 48 participants, with a score of 246.70, after performing 5 jumps. The Barquisimetana was close to getting the Olympic quota, unfortunately she failed a dive, which cost her direct qualification.

¨ I did my best to raise Venezuela up and show that we are warriors. This is a job for years and it has not been easy. I am very happy for what I did, I was close to achieving it, but I will continue training for the next Olympics.

The Barquisimetana has a great career ahead of her, she is barely 20 years old., She is studying at the University of Florida in the third year in Family, Youth and Community Sciences (FYC), she is part of the diving team of that house of studies, which allows you to be at level.

In the current Olympic cycle, she obtained a silver medal in the 3m springboard in the Bolivarian Games of Santa Marta 2017. He participated in the 2019 Pan American Games, where she reached the final of the 1m springboard and 15 in the 3m springboard.

In this way, 2 athletes said goodbye to the pre-Olympic diving, however, they still have the possibility of being in the Olympic tournament, they must wait for the second option, which would be the reassignment of places, until completing the quota of 34 per modality (trampoline - platform) and gender. It depends on the best location of the athlete, starting from position 19, that is, those that remain behind the athletes classified in the different events.

There is still a chance

Today (May 03 09 pm Venezuela - May 04 10 am Japan) on the fourth day will compete the athletes with the most experience in the country in this sport María Betancourt and Lisette Ramírez on the women's 10m platform.

In the competition, 37 ladies are registered, where the 18 semifinalists will obtain direct places. In the world joust there are l46 countries and 225 jumpers.

With the classification of Oscar Ariza, Venezuela adds an athlete classified number 24 to the maximum universal fair, which will be held in Tokyo - Japan from July 23 to August 8.

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