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On the beaches of Chirimena and Chirere the II Valid National Surf will be held

Special. On the beaches of Chirimena and Chirere, located in the Brión municipality, in the state of Miranda, the II National Valid of Surf will take place on September 27, 28 and 29, where the participation of some 450 athletes is expected, in different categories.

The sporting event has the support of the entity's Governor, Héctor Rodríguez, through the Institute of Sport and Recreation of the Miranda state, Idermi, under the direction of Franklin Cardillo, as well as the Ministry of Youth and Sports, headed by Minister Pedro Infante and has the organization of the National Surfing Federation, chaired by Thaina Luna.

"For about 10 years, a championship of this magnitude has not been held on the beaches of Chirimena and Chirere, but thanks to the support of both Governor Héctor Rodríguez and Minister Pedro Infante, the sporting race returns to this town, the cradle of a group of surfers of the stature of Rosaura Álvarez, national champion who has represented Venezuela in international events in Chile, Ecuador, and the United States, among others. This time we are waiting for the participation of some 450 athletes from all over the country, who will be accompanied by their technical staff and coaches, "said Luna.

He noted that they will also have a select group of judges, technical personnel, doctors and other professionals required to carry out the meeting. "In this II National Validation of Surfing, we will adhere to all international regulations in force, remembering that surfing is now recognized as an Olympic sport, participating athletes carry out continuous training to offer the best of their participation," he said. Moon.

For his part, Franklin Cardillo, president of Indermi, said that for the past six months, he had begun a joint effort between the secretaries of Youth and Sport, Citizen Security and Peace, Tourism and Culture, as well as the Services Corporation, to guarantee the proper development of the event.

"The beaches of Chirimenra and Chirere are some of the best in the world for practicing this sport, that is why we invite the inhabitants of Miranda and other states to join us in this sporting event. In Miranda we maintain a continuous work to make our entity a sports power, "said Cardillo.

In the jousting, which will take place on the coasts of Mirandinas, the modalities deshortboard, kneeboard, longboard, sup surf, bodyboard, dropknee and SUP race will be evaluated.

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