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Katherine Echandia: Golden Double

The 20-year-old from Carabobo dominated the test from start to finish up to 49 kilograms

The junior Olympic champion, Katherine Echandia, grew up in Valledupar and sealed a golden double for Venezuela in the Weightlifting of the Bolivarian Games.

Katherine Echandia, 20, dominated the test from start to finish up to 49 kilograms.

The woman from Carabobo lifted 78 kilograms at the start to secure her first gilthead. She surpassed the Dominican Candida Hernández (silver) by one kilo and the Peruvian Anali Saldarriaga (bronze) by 15.

Subsequently, Katherine Echandia sealed her double in the clean and jerk, where the order of the podium remained exactly the same.

She climbed to the top after lifting 96 kilograms, followed by Hernández (95 kg) and Saldarriaga (84 kg).

With the victory of Katherine Echandia, the golden harvest of Venezuela amounts to 22.

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Silver and bronze in “up to 45kg"

Venezuela's success in Weightlifting began in the test up to 45kg, where Rosielys Quintana and Kerlys Montilla sealed silver and bronze doubles.

The Venezuelans were only surpassed by the Colombian Manuela Berrio, who lifted 76 kg in the snatch and 96 kg in the clean and jerk to win the gold.

Rosielys Quintana, 22, lifted 75kg in the snatch and 93kg in the clean and jerk to secure both silver medals.

While Kerlys Montilla, 17 years old, managed 69 kg in the snatch and 83 in the clean and jerk to complete the podium.

In the male branch, in the test up to 55kg, Abraham Rivera won bronze in the snatch and silver in the clean and jerk.

The Venezuelan, also 17 years old, began with a lift of 97 kg, which was surpassed by the Ecuadorian Jhony Arteaga (silver) by just one kilo.

But, after making adjustments, Rivera lifted 127 kilos in the clean and jerk and took second place, leaving Arteaga with the bronze (120 kg).

Colombian Miguel Suárez won both golds with 105 kg in the snatch and 140 in the clean and jerk.

In the first of five days of competition, the Weightlifting won eight medals for Venezuela: two golds, three silvers and three bronzes.

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