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Julio Mayora reigns in Valledupar with a new record

The one from La Guaira dominated the 73 kg category with pleasure and added two golds for Venezuela

Olympic runner-up Weightlifting, Julio Mayora, swept this Saturday in his debut at the Valledupar 2022 Bolivarian Games.

The Venezuelan, who in the Santa Marta 2017 edition won three golds in the category up to 69kg, reigned again and became the 73KG champion.

Quite simply, there was no competition at the Andrés Escobar Sports Center for Julio Mayora.

At the start he dominated with a lift of 160 kg and set a Pan-American, South American, Bolivarian and Ibero-American record.

Mayora started the competition at 148kg, improved to 151 on her second attempt and impressively closed with 160 to climb to the top of the podium.

The Colombian Luis Javier Mosquera was silver with a record of 150 kg and the Chilean Sergio Cares bronzes with 128 kg.

Absolute dominance by Julio Mayora

The story was the same in the clean and jerk, although he only managed to register one valid attempt, Julio Mayora sealed his golden double.

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The one from La Guaira lifted 185 kg to beat Colombian Mosquera by 10 kilos, who once again won silver.

In that test the podium was completed by the Dominican Francisco Tonton with 158 kg.

Julio Mayora's conquests are the second golden double won by Weightlifting, since the previous day the youth champion Katherine Echandia had already done it in the category up to 49 kg.

In addition, they are the gold medals 24 and 25 for Venezuela.

In the other men's category disputed this Saturday, the 67 kg, Reinner Arango added a bronze in the snatch with a lift of 127 kg.

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