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Yulimar Rojas "I will be the first woman to jump 16 meters"

Yulimar Rojas' titles are directly proportional to his contagious joy and simplicity. Nor the fact of having become, just at the age of 23, one of the new legends of the women's triple jump, with four world championships under her belt, has made her dizzy with success. On the contrary, one of the keys to her dazzling progression in the arena is humility to put into practice every day the advice of her mentor, the Cuban Iván Pedroso, who in 2018 ordered her to assume her career with absolute dedication and professionalism.

In a frank and transparent discussion held at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, where he received another well-deserved tribute from the Board of Directors, led by Eduardo Álvarez, Yulimar revealed the secrets of this luminous 2019 that he described as “the best year” of his career.

“2018 was very hard because injuries did not allow me to complete the season. I moved away from Iván Pedroso a little, but everything helped me to be more professional and take care of myself ”, she detailed the problems that affected her performance and forced her to make a radical change in her physical and psychological preparation.

To face the 2019 season he underwent a personal transformation. “We went back to working hard with Pedroso, four hours a day. We strengthened the legs and abdomen, because as Ivan repeats to me in each training session, 'success is drunk in the cup of effort'. And with this maturity I am sure that the 15 meters will be short in 2020. I am going to be the first woman in history to jump 16 meters ”.

The Caracas-born woman raised in Puerto La Cruz is proud to have emulated the four titles of the legendary Russian triplista, Tatiana Lebedeva, whom she also matched in another unique brand: they are the only two with six flights of 15 meters or more in a single season.

“She is a jumper that I admire and respect a lot. Together with my coach I have seen the videos of her competitions and I have tried to imitate her technique to improve mine ”, she stressed.

Next year, she could be alone in the triple world title standings, because she will go for the third in a row on the indoor track at the World Cup in Nanking, China, and her fifth overall. “I also want to beat the Russian indoor record of 15,36 meters for the Russian Lebedeva there”

For now, he plans to sunbathe and rest with his family on the beaches of Anzoátegui, after his absence. “I am going to recharge my batteries by 2020. This year I only lacked more competitions to beat the world record for Inessa Kravets (15,50m). The nice thing will be to win gold in Tokyo, breaking that mark, "she added.

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