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Halep eliminated Badosa from Wimbledon

The Romanian will face Amanda Anisimova this Wednesday in the quarterfinals

Paula Badosa offered her worst face on Monday against the former number one and former tournament champion Simona Halep, who got rid of the Spanish without major difficulties in an hour of play (6-1 and 6-2).

Only in the first game of the match could a comfortable Badosa be seen on the pitch. Her blank game at the service was nothing more than a mirage.

Halep started up the shredder with which she cooks the games from the back of the court without the Spanish being able to reply.

The Romanian moved her from one side of the court to the other, without Badosa even being able to place the balls that came to her free.

The first set ended with the most disputed game, insufficient for Badosa to escape from his bad mood.

Things seemed to have changed at the start of the second set. After getting his first game of the last eight on serve, Badosa enjoyed his first break ball, which would also be his last.

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The Spanish showed that this was not her day and brought back to memory the bad feelings that she has dragged on in recent months, and that seemed to dissipate in London.

Badosa only managed to land seven winners (to Halep's 17), while committing 21 unforced errors, to the Romanian's nine. Although perhaps the worst data for her was that she only managed to get 46% of the points with her first service.

Halep acknowledged after the match that she had missed playing at Wimbledon a lot, where she did not after her victory in 2019, first because of the pandemic and last year due to injury.

Badosa, for his part, comes out of the London tournament again in the round of XNUMX, like last year, with a mixture of feelings but the bitter aftertaste of his tough defeat against Halep.


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