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Nairo Quintana withdraws from the Tour of Spain

The Colombian was disqualified from the Tour de France for using the drug tramadol

Colombian cyclist Nairo Quintana, announced that he will not participate in the 2022 edition of La Vuelta a España that will start this Friday.

The statement comes after his disqualification was announced this Wednesday by the International Cycling Union (UCI) from the 2022 Tour de France, due to the use of the drug tramadol in the competition.

Through a video on his Instagram account, the coffee grower stressed that he is "not in a position" to compete and that he prefers to "return home" to enlist in his legal defense.

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"Right now I don't have a head and my body isn't ready for the competition, although I had said I was going to do the Vuelta a España, I'm still not in a position to do it," he said.

"I will be working in these 10 days to show that I have no problem and we will see each other again in the next competitions", added Nairo Quintana.

The UCI stressed that the use of tramadol does not constitute "an anti-doping rule violation" but it does violate the prohibition on the use of that substance to protect the safety and health of runners.

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